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Simplifying cloud computing for businesses.

The cloud utilizes distributed server infrastructure to host virtual desktops, emails, applications, and other IT services. It can balance your in-house systems by adding extra layers of connectivity, security and backup solutions, which will empower your workforce and protect your data. By using a cloud provider, you can streamline upgrades, maintenance, security and patching into one monthly cost.

What is the cloud?

Cloud computing can be broken down into three main layers of service:

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

The provider hosts systems infrastructure such as servers, storage and virtual machines on behalf of the user.


Platform as a Service (PaaS)

This enables users to focus on software development like building a website or application, while the provider takes control of the environment’s underlying infrastructure.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Third-party applications are available to customers over the internet. For example, Google Drive, Dropbox or Office 365.


Why VKAN Tech Solutions ?

Our technical consultants are experienced in supporting organizations to develop their cloud infrastructure. We offer recommendations based on a business’s needs and not to promote the cloud as a catch-all solution. We have worked with many organizations to enable secure remote working for their employees and have supported US-based companies to integrate the cloud with their in-house systems. At VKAN, we work with you to create a comprehensive cloud solution.

Simplify Costs

Choose a monthly payment option that gives you a clear picture of your IT expenses, rather than managing software systems and hardware yourself.

Resilient Infrastructure

Using the cloud as part of your systems infrastructure can increase your data security and ensure minimal downtime if you lose essential hardware.

Improved Remote Working

By means of the cloud means that remote workers will be accessing a data center with fast internet speed and high-quality infrastructure and. This means that you won’t have to worry about them trying to connect with your internal systems.

Experienced Cloud Service

We have experience implementing cloud solutions for larger companies and will recommend the most suitable infrastructure options for your business requirements.


Internet of Things (IOT)

Making IoT a Business Reality

At VKAN, We transform data into valuable and useful business knowledge about company operations and assets to improve business processes and create new services.

We help companies get their sensors and machines and devices connected and integrated with current systems and enabling businesses to capture and use their data right away.

Today’s Internet of Things

The Internet of Things ((IOT) is the key driver that is transforming businesses, orchestrating new consumer experiences and transforming how companies manufacture and deliver their products and services. Interaction among physical things and virtual technology platforms in consumer applications of IoT are already booming from smart thermostats to connected cars to wearables and pet trackers. In Enterprises, sensors are ensuring alerting line managers before critical machinery fails in productions plants and keeping organization aware of in-transit and arrived product deliveries.

At VKAN, We help unlock the future using IoT & Cloud computing to gain a significant advantage and chart a new future with enhanced productivity, decision making, and design.


Our IoT solution portfolio spans system integrations, gateway solutions, sensor solutions, connectivity user experience, cloud solutions, and analytics. By integrating the best industry platforms and components, ensuring a single point of accountability and delivering comprehensive end-to-end services for a range of verticals. We help you reach the market faster and deliver IoT services that define best practices and exceed expectations.

Big Data

Big DataAnalytics and Machine Learning

Deploy Big Data Management and Analytics Solutions for Enhanced Business Growth

Inheritance applications are in-efficient to handle today’s data diversity and data-explosion. Our Big Data and Analytics solutions enable enterprises to analyze real-time data to produce relevant analytical correlations & patterns using innovative tools and algorithms.

Connecting the Power of Your Data

At VKAN, we are committed to being your ample Cloud Service Provider. We move far beyond just implementing your platforms, services, and apps in the Cloud.

We help you go further than implementation and not just capture the data available, but connect and compute it, and leverage the right tools to analyze, visualize and synthesize it:

  • Analytics
  • Data Mining
  • Predictive models
  • Dashboards
  • Reporting
Our Big Data solutions allow enterprises to:
  • Find new marketing prospects via Big Data analysis that provides designs helpful in improving existing segments or features
  • Identify new customers using consumer interests, behavior and insights collected from Big Data analytics.
  • Redevelop products via Big Data analysis of customer insight of business strategy
  • Provide customer recommendation engines that use Big Data tools to provide customers offers relevant to them
  • Perform risk analyses with Big Data predictive analytics to scan and analyze reports and keep up with the latest industry developments
  • Keep data safe via Big Data analytics that map a company’s entire data landscape
  • Reduce maintenance costs with Big Data tools that can spot failing grid devices and forecast when they will go out
  • Develop enterprise-wide insights using Big Data dynamic visualization tools that allow business users to analyze, view and benefit from the data

In today’s digital economy, IT companies are struggling to keep speed with the pace of business and customers’ demands and needs. To speed up the velocity of business process innovation, organizations are implementing the DevOps movement. DevOps is an approach based on Lean and Agile principles in which business owners, development and operations teams collaborate to deliver software in a continuous manner that enables the business to more quickly seize market opportunities. The aim of DevOps is to streamline the flow along the whole lifecycle, from design, build and test, down to release, deploy and operate. DevOps thinking dictates that each part of your technology organization needs to work together, as a unified system, to provide specific capabilities to your business.

VKAN DevOps Consulting Services help you navigate these challenges – guiding your DevOps vision, strategy, and roadmap and transforming this into operational reality. Our team of skilled, market-proven consulting specialists will also help you transform your IT culture, and sustain continuously, accelerated flows with the right architecture of processes and tools.

With the explosion of data breaches and sophisticated security attacks, Information Security has converted an incredibly complex determination. This is especially true when trying to reduce the attack surface of enterprise software. VKAN recognizes that it is vital for enterprises to improve their security posture around highly sensitive systems like Oracle Databases and Oracle EBS. VKAN security program drives beyond your software developer’s “best-practice approach” and talks both internet facing systems and insider threats. Effective IT security must encompass security for your data, network, web application and endpoints. With the uptick of clients that have moved their on-premise systems to the cloud, or are in the process of migrating, securing all layers of the technical stack becomes more essential than ever.

Developing a successful security program today involves extremely talented professionals who can build a cybersecurity strategy that specifically addresses your enterprise software. The correct consulting partner should have a balance of in-depth Oracle experience and expertise in conjunction with modern security hardening and remediation techniques. Our professional team has helped secure some of the top technology companies in the world. Allow VKAN to help your organization build and run a prosperous cybersecurity program and help mitigate your risks.

The cloud utilizes distributed server infrastructure to host virtual desktops, emails, applications, and other IT services. It can balance your in-house systems by adding extra layers of connectivity, security and backup solutions, which will empower your workforce and protect your data. By using a cloud provider, you can streamline upgrades, maintenance, security and patching into one monthly cost.At Vkan Tech, we are helping our customers to establish the BI (Business Intelligence) Roadmap and Strategy with detailed BI Discovery process, rationalizing the current reports and keeping eye on future needs.

We use OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) platform to enable the clients with Data analytics requirements. We are also professionals in implementing OBIA for EBS clients and also custom analytics solution for non-EBS Customers.

We provide analytics implementation in following major areas:

  • Financial Analytics
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Manufacturing Analytics
  • Transportation Analytics
  • Healthcare Analytics

We help our customers in providing Insights into their Big Data using Oracle Big Data. For major financial and healthcare sectors, we can help in implementing on-premise solutions like “Oracle Big Data Appliance”.

Your Trusted Partner for Critical Database Management Solutions

The innovations in technology have opened the floodgates for endless volumes of data to flow into the system. With this fabulous amount of data pouring in from diverse sources and in multiple formats, it becomes a critical task for organizations to store, process and manage this data. And even more so in today’s data-driven world, where it has become the key to business success.

A robust and efficient database management system resolves all your data worries, giving your business the power to lead.

Choosing the right database

In order to guarantee a successful database management system, you need to carefully devise a strategy in arrangement with the data requirements and business roadmap of your organization. Today, with plentiful database options available in both open as well as closed source database groups, it is essential to select a database solution as per the variety and volume.

SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) has led into a data explosion which is overwhelming for inheritance DBMS. Every second, a hefty amount of data is being produced through a widespread network of data sources – graphs, images, documents, hypertext etc. Legacy systems show to be insufficient to address this generosity of data management, and that is when the more agile and updated non-relational (NoSQL) databases find applicability. They are not only capable of handling difficult data management needs, but also provide numerous database options for diverse needs and data types. NoSQL customs the bedrock for big data and analytics, which enables enterprises to make highly-informed strategic decisions.

Vkan Tech Solutions

Being one of the best Database Management Services providers for over a decade, we offer best-in-class services to some of the internationally leading companies, across the world. Our team of experts holds an in-depth understanding of both – closed and open source databases and helps you implement best-suited solutions post a detailed evaluation of your organizational requirements and business goals. In these times of data-driven businesses, we are well poised to address the new age data management needs to leverage big data and analytics.

Our services are as below:
  • Architecture Design
  • Administration and Monitoring
  • Performance Tuning
  • Patch Management
  • Security Management
  • Backup and Recovery Management
  • Database Upgradation and Migration


We advise, implement, build, support, and manage every aspect of enterprise networks – from access to wide area networks, data center to cloud networking. We help you operate, optimize, and secure your network so you can manage performance, cost, and risk.


A modern data center infrastructure brings the right balance of computing, to help you thrive, not just survive. Whether you need a refresh to your infrastructure or a complete data center transformation, VKAN has the proven experience to make your journey successful


By means of the cloud means that remote workers will be accessing a data center with fast internet speed and high-quality infrastructure and. This means that you won’t have to worry about them trying to connect with your internal systems.NumbersOnly’s Contact Center solutions provide sophisticated technologies that enable you to properly manage incoming and outgoing communication. Our team of talented solution developers simplifies contact center processes by integrating backend systems with contact center applications. We provide true computer telephony integration for agent desktops, CRM applications, IP handsets and IVR systems using advanced contact center technologies


Deliver Operating Systems and Virtualization administration and engineering to continuously manage, maintain and evolve your Windows, VMware and Citrix environments on a variety of distributed server platforms and technologies. Provide Operating Systems and Virtualization layer administration and engineering designed to continuously evolve and improve your UNIX and Linux environments availability and performance.



Organizations face greater risk exposure due to the adoption of new technologies like cloud, IoT and mobility, along with an increase in cyber-attacks. At the same time, heightened sensitivity around data security governance has driven a new wave of regulatory and contractual requirements across a number of industries. We help you develop a security approach that provides 360-degree protection.



You are increasingly faced with a challenging balancing act: deploying new technologies for growth, profitability, and new services, while operating complex multi-technology and multi-vendor environments to realize efficiencies and savings. VKAN Managed Services address day-to-day IT management needs, enabling your internal IT staff can better focus on strategic initiatives.